Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pussy Riot speaks from jail, 

calls Putin’s regime ‘scared’

A jailed member of the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot has said the guilty verdict handed to her and two other group members has strengthened her resolve to fight for the removal of Vladimir Putin.
In response to questions posed by the Guardian and handed to the band via their lawyer, Yekaterina Samutsevich described for the first time to western media the conditions the trio face and their reaction to the verdict.
The 30-year-old said she did not fear the two-year sentence handed down by a Moscow judge earlier this month for their performance of an anti-Putin song in Moscow's Orthodox cathedral.
"Of course we didn't expect a not-guilty verdict," she wrote. "To expect justice from a court that ignores all your objections is of course impossible. So we weren't shocked and, to the dismay of our enemies, didn't faint when we got the verdict."
Samutsevich, with Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, was found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for their February performance, despite insisting it was a form of political protest. Their lightning-quick trial, marked by procedural violations and absurdities, has highlighted the crackdown on dissent in Russia.
"More than anything, our trial showed the dependence of the justice system, and its direct authority, on Putin's power, which clearly should not be the case in a government that calls itself democratic," Samutsevich said. Pussy Riot and their supporters have accused Putin, and the powerful Russian Orthodox church, of orchestrating the case against them.
"Our verdict shows just how scared Putin's regime is of anyone who can undermine its legitimacy," Samutsevich said.
She decried the government's increasingly conservative policies as well as a parliamentary vote in December 2011 that was marred by widespread allegations of fraud. Coming just over two months after Putin announced his plan to return to the presidency following four years as prime minister, they were the catalyst for mass protests that have rocked the capital since.
Pussy Riot, a radical feminist band, was born of those protests. Now, nearly one year after forming, three of the anonymous collective's members have become among Russia's most famous political prisoners. Two other members of the group have reportedly fled the country fearing further political reprisals.
Samutsevich, Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova have been in a pre-trial detention centre in southern Moscow since their arrest in March, and will remain there while lawyers appeal against their sentence. If the appeal is declined, they will be sent to women's prison colonies to serve their two-year sentences while conducting light labour, minus the time they've already served.
"We are all held in special cells, each made for four people, and we're all in separate cells, on different floors," Samutsevich wrote in a tiny scribble. "There are three other people in my cell, here for economic crimes. They are calm, intelligent people who support me and the ideas of our group.
"This isn't surprising, because now only blind people can't see that since March 2012, Putin's regime has moved to direct repressive actions, starting with a major campaign against all dissenters, under which our group was one of the first to fall."
Government critics have spoken of an increased campaign of intimidation since Putin's re-election in the controversial March vote. Several other activists, including the opposition leader Alexey Navalny, are facing criminal charges.
"We are mentally prepared [for jail]," Samutsevich wrote. "I don't see anything super-scary in having to serve 1.5 years and work. I don't think that it'll become some sort of especially difficult test for us – we've already lived through the past five months relatively easily and the evil plan of our authorities, to jail us so as to break us and sour us, has already failed miserably.
"The problem for Putin personally now is that a lot of people no longer see his strong hand and authority, but his fear and uncertainty in the face of the progressive citizens of Russia, who grow more and more numerous with every step like our verdict," Samutsevich wrote.
The trial has driven a further wedge through Russian society, splitting mainly urban liberals from the more traditional heartland that was largely insulted by the women's performance. Yet opposition to Putin continues to grow; a recent poll by the Levada Centre found nearly half of all Russians want him to step down at the end of his term in six years.
Pussy Riot has used rough punk performances to highlight the ills it sees in Russian society, from Putin's growing authoritarianism to his close relationship with the Orthodox church.
Samutsevich said the trio had not continued writing songs in jail. "The conditions in the pre-trial detention centre aren't really creative," she wrote. "For the next one and a half years, we'll have to continue to 'take a break' from our concert creative work."
She said the women's future in the group was in question. "Right now it's hard to say what we'll do when we're free. Of course, I'd want to continue in the same form of musical performances that we started with, but will our changed conditions, because of our arrest, allow that? So far I don't know.
"What I can say for sure is that we still madly want changes in Russia – toward anti-authoritarian leftist ideas. We, along with many citizens of our country, are burning even more with the desire to finally take from Putin his monopoly on power, since his image no longer seems so total and terrible," she wrote. "In fact it is just an illusion, created by his spin doctors on government television channels."


Old Spice: 
Muscle Music
Besides answering your fans in social media and ensure millions of views wrapped in a towel, Old Spice guy can also make music with your muscles.
It is an interactive musical you can play what you want using your keyboard, triceps and abdominals .
Even in the video embed below interactive. Just press any key "A" for sausages, for example. Then you can save and store your creation.


Kim Dotcom offers developers early API access to the upcoming Megaupload reboot


Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has had a bone to pick with authorities since the service was shut down and he was arrested earlier this year. It looks like he’s going to be a thorn in the side for them for some more time, as he just put out the call to developers who are interested in early API access to the upcoming relaunch.
Dotcom teased the service on Twitter earlier this month, before providing more details today. He told developers to get ready because the “Mega API will provide incredible powers” that, together with the resulting tools, will “change the world.” Developers of “up/download and file managers, email and fax tools, VOIP and video apps” were instructed to contact him to get access to the API.
The new Mega will offer one-click-encryption of ALL your data transfers, on the fly, easy to use, free of charge, TOTAL PRIVACY!
His arrest may have motivated him to work even harder at his service, as Dotcom said in a message that authorities had “abused the wrong guy” and he is going to “turn this world upside down.” According to him, the rebooted global network will allow all “non-US hosters” to connect servers and bandwidth.
Dotcom is also working on a Megabox music service that he has promised will arrive later this year.
Police raided Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion in January, but they were later found to have acted on invalid search warrants. Dotcom has since been released on bail while he awaits a US extradition hearing, which has been pushed to 2013.


Vicious Mice Are Taking Over The London Underground

They're starting with the Farringdon station. “Please place the bottom of your trousers into your socks…” YIKES. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Japanese Charity 



A charity breast squeeze took place last weekend in Shinjuku, Tokyo as part of the “Erotica will Save the World” event.
Is this a typical reward for donating to charity in Japan? We go hands on… I mean… just read on for more details.
“Erotica will Save the World” is a 24-hour live-streamed fundraising event that took place last Saturday and Sunday (August 25-26). Men and women (yes, that is right) came out to enjoy two days of erotically-charged festivities: Some of the areas had stalls selling goods and DVDs, other areas had fun events such as a “Masturbation Marathon.” We’ll leave the details of that that competition up to your imagination.
The most popular attraction was the “Breast Fundraiser”, which encouraged people to donate to charity. How did it encourage them to do that? Well, if you donate some money you are allowed to squeeze the breasts of one of ten lovely adult video actressesoppai momi in Japanese – yes, they have a phrase for it). 

Here is a quick rundown of the “Breast Fundraiser”:
1. Line up, have your ID checked (must be over 18)
2. Donate money
3. Sterilize your hands (they don’t know where they have been)
4. Squeeze breasts (up to two squeezes per hand)
The organizers have recommended that if the allocated squeeze is not enough for you, to go through processes 1 to 4 again.

All money raised will be donated to STOP!AIDS, a charity aimed at promoting the awareness, treatment, and prevention of AIDS.
Oppai momi is particularly popular in Japan, and there are plenty of Japanese style pubs where you can go have a beer and also a squeeze of the waitresses breasts after a hard day in the office.

This is the first
oppia momi fundraiser we are aware of though.


Pussy Riot’s two escaped members ‘are recruiting foreign feminists for new actions!’


Two more members of Pussy Riot—the other part of the five who busted into the Christ the Savior Church in Moscow last February—have left Russia, says the group.
“In connection with the search, our two participants have successfully left the country! They are recruiting foreign feminists for new actions!” @Pussy_Riot tweeted Sunday.
Just days after three members—Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Mariya Alyokhina, and Yekaterina Samutsevich—were sentenced to two years in prison for agitating the Russian orthodox with their punk prayer on the eve of Putin’s election, Interior Ministry spokesperson told a Russian news outlet that police were looking for the remaining members.
“We hurry to disappoint the Kremlin rats: 2 women left the country because of danger, but in Russia there are at least 12 Pussy Riot members left,” Pussy Riot also tweeted yesterday.
The group released a new song—”Putin Lights Up the Fires“—on the day of their arrest.


Chinese McDonald’s Reported to the Police for Burger Being too Spicy


According to  recent Chinese market reports, a patron of a McDonald’s in the city of Guangzhou of the Canton Province, took his grievances over his overly spicy burger to the police, causing quite a commotion.

The disturbance took place in mid-August when a man went into McDonald’s for his dinner, ordering a Spicy Chicken Burger.  On finding it much more spicy than the previous one he’d had, he reported it to the police!
The spicy chicken burger is supposed to be spicy, but its spiciness must have been so very unbearably distressful—a breach of his civil rights, even—that he felt he had to make a police report.
The incident was taken up on Chinese twitter, spreading rapidly and getting quite a bit of attention.
A local paper reporting the episode interviewed the manager of this McDonald’s who admitted to the matter, confirming that there had indeed been such a scene.  The customer explained to the police that the last spicy chicken burger had not been so hot and spicy, but this one was not right.
What is behind this extreme measure over such a seemingly trivial thing as an overly spicy meal?  The precedent being that fast food like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken are supposed to be reliably uniform in their taste, serving size, and quality all around the world.  This incident very well may be the result of China’s sub standard processing methods, something that has been called into question on many occasions, time and time again.   It could be that in China it is necessary to appeal to the police when your fast food is not up to par.
When the problem of the different tasting burger was pointed out, the McDonald’s in question offered to replace it with another of the same kind.  Something which was immediately rejected by the customer.  As Internet users became aware of the incident the reactions on Chinese twitter and other information sites came pouring in:
“If he didn’t like the taste he could have gone home.” 
“Why make such a big deal over a cheap meal!”
“Who does he think the police are?  They don’t have time for such trivia!”    
Many people criticized the man for his over reaction to the taste of his burger.
But then there were some people who grabbed the opportunity to take a stand against this McDonald’s questionable quality control of their products, defending the man’s means of getting attention.  The comments here varied:
“The french fries are certainly too salty to eat at times.”
“The texture of the meat is unreliable, sometimes it is really tough!”
One commenter on the situation wrapped it up with:
“As long as you are in China, expecting good quality of Chinese-made foreign brands is laughable!”
That, made by one Chinese citizen, may be one of the most realistic observations ever!