Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lil’ Miss Environmentally Friendly Can Wash Away All Your Unwanted Toilet Sounds


Let’s face it; using public toilets is never a pleasant experience.  Putting aside all the legendary messes you have encountered, even if the restroom is immaculate you still have to worry about yourself.  As stealthily ninja-like you try to be on the can it is virtually impossible to do it without making any embarrassing sounds.
This is especially true of the fairer sex who often do a courtesy flush but in these ecologically sensitive times it’s hardly a sensible use of a gallon of water.
Now, Eco Otome (roughly translates to Lil’ Miss Environmentally-Friendly) has come to the rescue.  About the size of a keychain, you can easily and discreetly carry it into the john.  Then when the ducks start quackin’ or while the tea is getting topped off, you just push the button and said noises are quickly washed away amid the device’s prerecorded water sounds.
This device has the potential to relax sphincters worldwide and usher in an age of relievedly relieving ourselves.  But before we all go rushing to the can, we conducted a trial run.  Unfortunately, the “water sounds” are more like a Nine Inch Nails Album than a babbling brook.  This doesn’t seem to fit the Otome (fair maiden) image they are going for.
It’s understandable given that the device sells in Japan for 100 yen (US$1.20).  A cheap device should be expected to have cheap sound quality.  So you’ll have to choose which is more embarrassing, your typical sounds or bizarre Dub-Stepesque noises coming from your stall.
It’d make a great gift and send a message to the person in your office who likes to drop some megaton bombs after their morning coffee!


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