Saturday, March 24, 2012

Malaysian GP: Fire at Lotus


The fire broke out, according to eyewitness reports, at 3:30 clock (local time) in the motor home of the Renault-Lotus team succeed. The hospitality is through the damage for the race weekend unusable, was also slightly affected the neighboring home of Mercedes engine. Injured in the incident was none. Cause of the fire was, according to Lotus information, a broken refrigerator. "Fortunately nobody was injured," said a team spokesman. "If it had happened in the box, it would have been much worse." The damage is still limited, the most expensive piece of destroyed would have been a spare helmet from former world champion Kimi Raikkonen. The rest of the clothing of the driver saved a brave security guard.

Red Bull's staff put out fire

Employees of the World Champion Red Bull teams were ahead of the first Malaysian firefighters who had fought the fire with extinguishers out of the box. The curfew for mechanics and engineers was whether the training late on Saturday from 4.00 until clock time. "We were the only ones who still (with employees) were there," said Red Bull's motorsport director Helmut Marko. "Perhaps we have saved Lotus and the whole paddock."

Other F1 teams to help

In the motor home during the day to keep drivers, team members, journalists and VIP guests. Lotus moved into a new, small area at the far end of the paddock. "We help all along, the other teams," said team spokesman. Red Bull has taken over some of the guests, the drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean to be fed by Ferrari. Meanwhile, the hospitality of Mercedes was closed.

Lotus takes it with humor

Because of the lock work, which employed at night for the staff car is, at the time of the fire barely team members at the track. "We have been lucky," said Lotus spokesperson. Besides Raikkonen's replacement helmet was just marketing material and leased kitchen equipment destroyed. "We ask for your understanding that some people will smell a little smoky today," the team took the incident in a press release with humor. "Some will look a little hungry."


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