Wednesday, March 7, 2012

McDonald’s Thailand Ditches Beef and Buns for Chicken and Rice


It’s not all burgers and fries at McDonald’s Thailand, which we recently learned is selling a convenient deep-fried chicken lunch box.
The lunch box is no more than pieces of deep-fried chicken covered in teriyaki sauce with a hearty serving of jasmine rice, so simple that we wouldn’t be surprised to find it sitting on the shelf of a convenience store.
This isn’t the first rice-based meal out of McDonald’s Thailand: one of the current promotional items is the mouth-watering McD Namtok Rice, which comes with the choice of beef, chicken or pork.
The taste was mostly defined by the sweet teriyaki sauce, which had permeated into the fried batter to make it taste like some sort of deep-fried confection more than anything.
By contrast, the chicken was lean and I was able to eat the whole meal without feeling too weighed down afterwards.
Overall, the chicken is delicious and it makes a good light meal for when you’re on the go, and affordable at only around 140 yen (US $1.79)


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