Friday, March 2, 2012

Pole Dance in Vienna: Everything about the sexy trend sports


We were visiting in Vienna Poldedance studio and could learn a lot about the fitness trend.

We were guests at the pole dancing and Vienna were all about the erotic trend sports. In Vienna in particular has enjoyed great popularity of erotic fitness trend. We spoke with Ines Beranek, founder of Pole Dance Vienna, on requirements, courses, and the fun factor.

Ines Beranek, founder of Pole Dance Vienna, Can only look at the great demand. After the first studio, which she opened in 2010, is now a second soon after the first district, a third to follow on the main shopping street 95th To 318 square meters in the third Pole Dance Vienna-studio from 27 May 2012 four dance rooms accessible for even more students are available.

What is pole dancing?

In Pole Dance one moves rhythmically to and at the bar. There are various options: dance movements with ground contact at the bar, turns around the pole without touching the floor (spins), and various figures on the pole (tricks) and Floor Work (dance movements on the ground). Especially the arm, stomach and back muscles are strengthened and promoted.

A visit to Vienna pole dancing with a real professional

During our visit in Vienna pole dance studio in the wound founder Ines Beranek and graceful acrobatics around the bar and gave us an idea of ​​how exhausting the craze in reality. Besides pole dancing can be in the studio by Ines Beranek courses in Striptease, chair dance, lap dance, stretching, TRX, Choreography and visit. When asked whether they Pole Dance can be equated with a "real sport" must be laughing sympathetic dancer: "Yes! Pole dancing is often underestimated because it just makes it so much fun. The next day the girls remember how exhausting dancing on the bar for the body. "
Pole Dance is not only a sport that keeps you fit, but also fun. "The fascination lies in the fact that one very quickly sees success and the sport can be done by anyone," says Ines Beranek. Thus it is not surprising that women in the age of 64 are still dancing on the bar.

Pole Dance Vienna-founder Ines Beranek in the interview:

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