Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Russia McDonald’s, Delicious Rye Bread Hamburger

We put the sleeping bear on our itinerary, we made sure to hit up all the important historical landmarks: St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, McDonald’s…
That’s right we went to Russia to eat at McDonald’s and we have no regrets, thanks to the Beef a la Rus, a delicious rye bun hamburger introduced 2 years ago to celebrate McDonald’s 20th anniversary in Russia.
So come McKomrades, let us share with you the glory that is the Beef a la Rus
The burger we ordered was technically the Beef a la Rus with Bacon, but the structure is fundamentally the same: lettuce, thick-sliced tomato, juicy beef patty and bacon sandwiched in a lush rye bread bun.
The strong, sour taste of the rye bread may turn some people off and it certainly gives the burger a flavor incomparable to other regional McDonald’s items. We found that the tartness of the bread actually enhanced the flavor of the lettuce and tomato, tasting almost like dressing on a salad. In turn, the dry rye bread buns quickly absorbed the moisture of the vegetables, giving them a pleasantly chewy (instead of soggy) texture similar to french bread. That’s more synergy than all the five-year plans combined!
While the crispy crust and chewy texture of the buns was unlike anything we’ve tasted on a burger, the patty and veggies were standard, delicious McDonald’s fare. It’s a strange blend of conventional taste and unconventional texture, but it works perfectly.
Of course, no McDonald’s meal is complete with out fries and Russia delivers on this front as well with their “village-style” potatoes, thick potato wedges offered as an alternative to the standard McDonald’s french fries. These babies are deep-fried in a thin batter, seasoned with rich spices and salted for a luxurious taste even a Tsar could approve of.



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