Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Energy saving light bulbs more expensive by 20 percent in EU

Price increases at the same time impose a ban on light bulb


Simultaneously with the prohibition of the 60 - watt bulb increases the lamp- Manufacturer Osram, the rates for energy-saving lamps.
Was the justified " Extraordinary price increase "Siemens Daughter for the first September with a dramatic price rise in so-called rare earths, Which are required as raw material.
On average, the price increases are 20 to 25 percent, said Osram - Board Martin Goetzeler "Financial Times, USA" (Wednesday). Affected are fluorescent tubes and energy saving lamps.
"The increasing global shortage of these materials led to an explosion in costs to," the fsdemand for rare earths such as europium, terbium and yttrium and the restrictive export policies of China, Which controls almost all mining areas. Goetzeler can expect price increases across the industry. Osram working on processes to recover rare earths on recycling. Siemens plans initial public offering of light daughter.

The end of the light bulb

As from this Friday, EU far are not conventional light bulbs with more than 40 watts in the trade. This should increase consumer demand for Significantly energy-saving lamps. Advocates had previously Argued that the more expensive energy saving light bulbs were not only more efficient, but because of their longer shelf life and better bottom line for consumers. However, critics argue that this is not true for many households. 


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