Thursday, August 11, 2011

Putin finds ancient artifacts while scuba diving in south Russia

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went scuba diving in Taman Bay, south Russia, to explore the flooded part of the ancient town of Phanagoria, dubbed “the Russian Atlantis.” He came to the surface holding two ancient Greek jugs. 

Putin also visited an archeological camp and several excavation sites. He spoke with local researchers about the possibility of creating a sanctuary that would include both land and sea.

Phanagoria is the largest ancient settlement in modern-day Russia. The town was established around the 5th century BC. But at the turn of the 10th century, the inhabitants fled their homes for some unknown reason. Exploration of Phanagoria began in the late 18th century, after Russia’s annexation of Taman. But scientific research in the area did not begin until 1936.



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