Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anonymous: Operation Paperstorm - August 13th


Topiary Posters
- - Free Topiary Banner
- - Free Topiary Poster (+#Antisec)
- - Topiary IRL pic for Poster
- - Free Topiary Poster w/ Wiki emblem 
Lulzsec and Various Posters
- - Revolution/Lulzsec Poster
- - ‘Together we are strong!’ Protest Poster
- - #Antisec recruitment Poster
- - Basic #Antisec Poster
- - #Antisec Poster/Banner
- - #Antisec Justice Poster
- - #Antisec Uncle Sam (Fuck the system) Poster
- - Civil Empowerment Poster

PRIORITY OPERATION: #FreeTopiary - August 29th
Poster  the entire route he will take to the court appearance on Aug 30th with  Anonymous AND LulzSec banners, show him he’s not alone, he has  supporters, brighten his day!!!

SECONDARY OPERATION: #FreeTopiary - All August

Post these around your town. Post pictures and video on social media sites. Send Video to @YourAnonNews and we’ll post them here. 
The address for the court is 
1 English Grounds
(off Battlebridge Lane)


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