Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook Risks Losing Users as Porn, Violence Jam Newsfeeds

Facebook is under heavy spam attack which has seen many violent images as well as hardcore pornography flood its newsfeeds. Researchers believe that if Facebook doesn't put an end to this soon it might lose quite a few users.
As per reports the social networking giant is investigating the matter and Facebook has said that they have been successful in limiting the damage that was caused by the spam attack. The attackers took advantage of vulnerabilities in the web browsers.
Senior technology consultant of Sophos Ltd., a security firm, Graham Cluley said that, "Facebook needs to get this under control, because the content is so offensive. Some people may quit Facebook."

Cluley also added, "We are hearing this problem is spreading," reported San Francisco Chronicle.
UK based Sophos commented that pictures of extreme violence, porn and fake celebrities photos, like Justin Bieber in objectionable situations, have flooded the profiles of some users in past 24 hours and if Facebook does not take any action soon to remove the spam some of the angered user might pull back their profile.
The recent update is that Facebook Inc. has been able to identify the culprits behind this situation and also working with their legal team "to ensure appropriate consequences follow", reported Bloomberg.



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