Thursday, November 17, 2011


is Real! 


You’ve always been a lover of bacon.  Now you can be a bacon lover,  with baconlube™, the world’s first bacon-flavored personal lubricant and massage oil.

baconlube - We've gotta be honest here - this one started as an elaborate April Fool's joke. The premise: with Bacon Lip Balm, bacon has made the jump from food product to personal care product. Thus the world's first bacon-flavored personal lubricant and massage oil, baconlubeTM. Right from the jump we were inundated with emails sent to, and you all have some very interesting and occasionally sick fantasies. Keep them coming, by the way. Regardless, we believe in giving people what they want, and apparently, they want to bring bacon into the bedroom. So here you go... you asked for it, you got it, world.


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