Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nigerian actor freed from prison after 25 successful bowel movements


Yes, bowel movements. Nigerian comic actor  Babatunde Omidina was arrested on suspicion of ingesting drugs to smuggle to Europe was on Friday freed on bail after 25 closely monitored bowel movements produced nothing suspicious. Regardless of the charges, I seriously think we should use bowel movements as a measure of time in sentencing inmates in the US.
Judge Yetunde Idowu told the frail and emaciated looking actor: “I wish you well. Take care of yourself. You are free to go home.” Omidina was detained on October 12 as he was about to board an Air France flight to Paris. The drug enforcement agency said he had “allegedly tested positive to drug ingestion.”

“There have been several examinations carried out on him and no banned substances have so far been found,” his lawyer Bamidele Aturu told the court on Friday. “He has excreted more than 25 times,” he later said. Nigeria is a major drug trafficking hub for European bound drugs from Latin America.


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