Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook Is Drowning In a Flood of Jesus Porn


Facebook has been hacked, hacked by a sultry Jesus.

All kinds of hardcore porn has infiltrated the social networking site. That’s old news. But now, sexy sacrilege featuring the Son of God has started to sprout up. Meanwhile, Twitter feeds are reporting that Facebook is the newest path to Hell.


why the HELL did Jesus Porn just pop up in my news feed

I’m not even mad at the boobie pics on facebook, but I can’t get with the jesus porn smh thats just blasphemic


Facebook a sicko porn site forreal. Just seen Jesus fucking Virgin Mary. Ive had enough.


I had to deactivate my FB after all that Jesus porn…..I just can’t risk my position in heaven looking like I posted that mess
So, if your mom sends you that picture of J.C. with all fifteen vestal virgins, just go with it. Sexy Jesus gets a bad rap.
Last year, a foldable, 12-panel lithograph, titled “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals,” which depicts Jesus receiving oral sex caused controversy in Loveland, Colorado where it was on display. A month after it’s opening, Kathleen Folden, a 56-year-old Montanan woman attacked the piece with a crowbar screaming, “How can you desecrate my Lord?” A court ordered her to buy the artwork for a cool $3,000.
Then the porn industry got around to making Passio, a homosexual porno film featuring the Messiah himself, played by Danny Fox. Finally.


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