Thursday, November 17, 2011

Formula 1 race in Texas in 2012 is canceled


The 2012 European Formula 1 race in the U.S., according to Bernie Ecclestone, again removed from the calendar. "Yes, it is sure a hundred percent," said the managing director of Formula 1 on the question of whether the race in Austin, Texas in danger of being canceled. Ecclestone threat comes immediately after the stop of construction of the new route.

The work would be suspended until a contract had finished the race in 2012 to assure you of the Circuit of The Americas (COTA), had been explained in a press release COTA. Ecclestone, meanwhile, said that the original contract was with Tavo Hellmund's "Full Throttle Productions Company" recently terminated due to breach of contract. This actually had the rights to host the race.
Instead, he had begun negotiations with the line-ups, so Ecclestone. The lack of COTA still an appropriate guarantee. The decision as to whether the 18 for the November 2012 provided race is actually on the stage, now is the FIA ​​Motor Sport Council at its meeting on 7 Cases in December.
2007 took place recently in the U.S., a Formula 1 race. Was driven back in Indianapolis. 2013 is the first time be driven on a street circuit against the skyline of New York.


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