Sunday, January 15, 2012

The U.S. military has confirmed that the Russian Mars probe crashes to Earth
BEIJING, January 16, according to Itar-Tass reported on the 16th, the U.S. military confirmed that the Russian "Forbes - soil" has indeed been falling wreckage Mars planet, but did not give any information on the crash site. site data published in the United States Strategic Command, said: "spacecraft fall within the expected time."
U.S. military had predicted, "Forbes - soil" will be GMT 16:59 to 17:47 into the atmosphere, but at the time did not disclose any information it may crash site.   European Space Agency (ESA) Office Space debris 16 people海纳克林克Ladd said earlier, the council temporarily do not have the Russian experts, "Forbes - soil" Mars probe crashes to Earth information; them or from the U.S. aerospace sector to obtain relevant data.   Russian Defense Ministry Space Force spokesman Alexei? Zuoluotuxin Colonel had said, "Forbes - soil" detector remains in the Moscow time at 21:45 on the 15th into the Pacific Ocean, located 1250 kilometers west of Wellington Island at. However, areas of the Russian space rocket ballistic scientist quoted sources following the news of that crash site debris detectors are not the Pacific.   According to this source said, "Forbes - soil" debris fell to the ground of the center coordinates for longitude 310.7 degrees, 18.2 degrees south latitude, in the Brazilian state of Goias.   He pointed out that the area has scattered debris detectors could be very wide, both may fall into the ocean, it may fall to the Brazilian territory.   Russian Space Agency has not yet released official information on the probe fell to the ground.   "Forbes - soil" in the last 15 years, the only Russian implementation of the Mars exploration project, its main purpose is to collect from the Phobos soil samples returned to Earth, China's first Mars probe "Firefly One" is also on board the on it.   November 9, 2011, "Forbes - soil" from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan took off, but after the separation with the launch vehicle failed to start because the main engine can not achieve orbit, failed to separate near-Earth orbit.


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