Friday, January 13, 2012

Woman, 45, 'fired from snack food factory for wearing a prosthetic penis to work'

Pauline Davis wore the fake penis while she considered a sex change 

 A female worker at a Pennsylvania snack food factory is suing the company for firing her because she wore a fake penis to work while she considered a sex change.
The UK’s Daily Mail reports, Jan. 13, 2012, that Pauline Davis, 45, claims she was fired from J&J Snack Foods Corporation because she wore the prosthetic attachment to the factory in Moosic, Lackawanna County where she worked as a line inspector.
Ms. Davis first filed a complaint in March 2010 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission office in Philadelphia, claiming gender and gender-identity discrimination, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.
According to the lawsuit, Davis had confided in her co-workers about the fake penis. The co-workers, in turn, allegedly passed the information onto management who promptly fired her.  Her attorney, Lalena Turchi, insisted the fake penis was concealed and “in no way interfered with her ability to do her job”. The suit also claims a male employee undergoing hormone treatments and female clothing was treated more favorably.
Davis is seeking back pay, damages for suffering and humiliation, and punitive damages.
The New Jersey-based J&J company — which manufactures soft pretzels, slushies, frozen pops, cookies, churros, and pretzel dogs — did not immediately return a request for a comment.


The website (note it’s the occultic “magik” instead of “magic”) is selling a 6.2″ long prosthetic penis (weight: 11 oz.; 6″ girth at widest point!). Here’s the blurb:
“This prosthetic penis was created to visually enhance the sexual organ of transgender post-op patients.  We were approached by a client who had recently had the 1st stage female-to-male surgery, and was dissatisfied with the results.  Instead of opting for a 2nd surgery, in which skin taken from other sections of the body would be used to build up the sexual organ, they wanted a prosthetic that would give the appearance of typical male genitalia.  We came up with a solution that would enable the client to wear the prosthetic without the need for cumbersome straps or belts, as well as the option to be flaccid or aroused.   We inserted a plastic flexible rod into the center of the prosthetic, that allowed it to be bent in almost any position.  The prosthetic would be glued to the skin, instead of being “strapped on”, allowing for a sense of realism.  The choice of material would also enhance the realism of the prosthetic.  The properties of a unique silicone allowed for a “gel-filled” prosthetic.  The prosthetic has a very soft, yet durable outer skin, with a gel-like fleshy interior, that feels very much like an actual penis.  To achieve this, the silicone is not simply poured into the mold and filled.  Silicone is painstakingly hand poured into the mold one layer at a time (each layer allowed to set up before the next is poured), building up multiple layers, each layer having a different durometer (hardness/softness) until the desired flesh-like consistency is achieved. This allows the outer skin layer to be “pulled up”, similar to foreskin on an actual penis.  The new 3D scrotum also benefits from this material, allowing for firm testes floating in a near-liquid gel.  An extremely detailed paint job, as well as the addition of hand-punched synthetic hairs add to the extreme realism of this product.  This product is also available without the flex rod.  For additional information regarding the use of this product, as well as warranty & shipping info, please see our FAQ PAGE
Reelmagik offers a “basic” and an “advanced” model. The Basic Prosthetic Kit contains:
High quality gel-filled 6” silicone prosthetic (optional embedded plastic flex rod)
2oz bottle of Cleansing spray
Application and Care Pamphlet
Alas, the kit does not include adhesive, which will cost you extra. :(
A week ago, singer Cher’s female-to-male transgender offspring, Chas (née Chastity) Bono announced that s/he is saving pennies ($40,000) to pay for a metoidioplasty procedure. As explained by Bono:
“It’s a procedure that uses what you already have down there, which has grown larger from the testosterone. You end up with a smaller phallus than with the phalloplasty, but it’s fully functional, it gets erect, and the sensation is all there.”
Bono says s/he expects the eventual willy to be about 3 inches long.
Maybe Bono should go the less expensive, less painful, and longer prosthetic route that former snack food worker Pauline Davis took. JMHHO: Just my humble helpful opinion!


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