Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Microsoft Joins SOPA, PIPA Protest, Windows Will Go Black Today

Microsoft may have been an official supporter of SOPA, but the company had a change of heart last night when they noticed the historical opposition of SOPA.
According to our well-placed sources in Microsoft Steve Ballmer was upset that Microsoft was not doing enough. "We set a goal 3 years ago that we would do exactly what Google does. They are getting all the limelight today for protesting against SOPA/PIPA and look at us. We need to do something."
Ballmer reportedly threw a chair at the PR team for not doing enough.

The technical team of Microsoft came up with a solution. "The solution is simple and won't require us to do too much. It will have a deeper impact than Wikipedia's blackout. According to our funded survey 10 people visit Wikipedia every 30 seconds. Now compare that with Windows BSoD (Blue Screen of Death). There are 30 BSoDs every 10 seconds, around the globe. This is a massive power and we can exploit it."

Microsoft is pushing a patch today which will add a message to the BSoD:
"Technically it's not black screen of death so we can't call it blackout, it's blueout," said an un-named developer.

If you are using Windows please update your system to get the latest BSoD screen. If you are using
GNU/Linux, please install Windows to join the protest.

Note: The above peice is humor/satire and must not be taken seriously!







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