Sunday, January 15, 2012

U.S. plans to volcanic water with steam turbine drive


According to the Xinhua News Agency U.S. geothermal power plans this summer to developers located in the Newberry Volcano in central Oregon, about 100 million liters of water injected to test the latest geothermal technology. 

Newberry Volcano is a dormant volcano, in the fourth quarter before the first outbreak of the ice age, resulting in two crater lakes and volcanic ash cone material 400. Today has been dormant for 1,300 years.
Alta Rock Energy plans this summer with 21 days to about 3637 liters per minute rate, the cold water poured into pre-dug wells a good experiment. Experimental depth of about 3231 m, more than 100 degrees Celsius below the temperature of seamless rock.   It is envisaged that water pressure will produce small cracks in seamless rock, causing micro-earthquakes, the formation of storage space. At the same time, water and rock contact temperature.   Scientists will use the sensitive seismic detectors to map out rock rupture map, to be broken up to a certain extent in diameter, cut out another "production wells", creating a closed loop, water vapor can be put on the ground, steam drive turbine, the formation energy. This process is called "enhanced geothermal systems."


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