Saturday, January 21, 2012

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon! "Angry Birds: New Year Edition"


We know that the "angry bird" will launch with a variety of festive season corresponding version.In order to meet the arrival of Year of the Dragon, Rovio has the players to bring the dragon Chinese New Year Edition "angry bird", the game currently logged iOS and Android platform."Angry Birds: Spring Festival Edition" introduces a Chinese knot, firecrackers, red envelopes and other Chinese elements. Among them, the original version of the Eagle would be the cultural symbols of China's most mysterious "dragon," which form a "mighty dragon Dragon," the new image.
In addition, the original melody of the game will become dynamic charm of Chinese music, let the world feel the charm of Chinese culture. Of course, the biggest change is the image of some birds, with the ancient Chinese folk art "shadow" a combination, so that birds can plug in "Chinese style" wings.
Note that the "angry bird: Spring Festival Edition" iPhone version is priced at $ 6, and the iPad version is priced at 12 yuan.

"Angry Birds: Spring Festival Edition" iPhone version Download:
"Angry Birds: Spring Festival Edition" Android Download:


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