Friday, January 6, 2012

Smart phone "knows too much" - 

a growing need 

"guest mode"


Last October, Arlington on Twitter said, "I want my phone to have a different password, so my friends call it, they can provide a clean version." The same feeling in today's TechCrunch appears, Greg Kumpapak hope the phone to a "visitor mode", it can be distinguished between the owner and visitors.

In fact, if my friends on the phone to play games, we do not mind. But we still do not want a friend for no reason to peek our SMS, or private photos, some friends may also use your cell phone prank, you create some embarrassment, for example, use your cell phone send text messages to other people said, "I love you. "

This is very good on the computer to resolve almost all major desktop operating systems provide a "guest mode." We can set in advance, what software will be "guest mode" appears, what the software does not appear. First, to prevent exposure to privacy, and second, to prevent others are free to change the way inside the computer - I hate people just move icons on my desktop.

In order to prevent random strangers to play with their phones, mobile phones have provided different simple setup, for example, you can set up a simple iPhone unlock code, Android unlock password can be set in addition, it also can be set to unlock the image (or out of your face).

However, can not distinguish between owners and guests, is still inadequate. Kumpapak come up with solutions and Arlington the same: to set two sets of unlock code, a main one, a set of other people. When other people enter the appropriate password, set a good access to the original interface. For example, I hope that this "visitor mode" to directly Hide my call records, SMS records, but also to hide some do not want others to use applications such as QQ, Sina microblogging, Paypal and so on.


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