Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's End This Now: Shit Robots Say

The “Shit Whomever Says” meme, unsurprisingly, has tapered off into a sloppy mess of half-baked bull crap. No one gives a damn about what anyone says anymore, which other than being a vague and pretentious nod to the world’s “political climate” right now, is just sorta obvious. With that in mind and with fewer resources than we’d care to admit to having, I figured I would finally air this “Shit Robots Say” video we at Motherboard made because everyone has finally given up caring.
As a meme, “Shit Says” was not unlike the great mythical phoenix, with each preceding video immolating itself in YouTube hits before spawning another absurd version of itself. The Seinfeldian motif that bound each “Shit Says” video together was what ultimately allowed so many people to be inspired to produce their own. After “Shit Girls Say” popped up on the scene it was as if the entire Internet felt liberated to take a stab at mocking the obvious shit that everyone from vegans to Caribbean moms say.
Now it’s dead and gone. But you know what? Whatever, man. Other fools on the Internet tried making “Shit Robots Say” videos that were garbage at best. We culled from some choice bots to bring you what’s currently burning into your retina. Hell, ours even has a robot saying “shit” in it. Listen, just take it for what it is and make it popular enough online so that we can get money from a bottled water company or celebrity and take a ride on the Vomit Comet.



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