Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back in the "past" with the legendary floating Hoverboard

Michael J. Fox injected with the Hoverboard by several 
"Back to the Future" movies

80 years of movie lovers and nerds beware: a dream could come true. The floating hoverboard from "Back to the Future" films to become a reality.
According to "" the board has pink toy manufacturer Mattel Although not all the features of the original, but it should also look the same. Buyers should therefore not as Marty McFly aka actor Michael J. Fox can hover above the ground, but only on almost all surfaces slide.

Costly production

The iconic hoverboards are manufactured according to Mattel, but only if between 1 and 30 March 2012 received sufficient advance notice. This was due to the immense cost. Only when sufficient numbers to order the board to pass futuristic mass production.

Existing Board

The Frenchman Nils Guadagnin presented in 2010 a "real" Hoverboard. This was in a position several inches above the ground to float.

Nils Guadagnins hoverboard:


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