Friday, February 24, 2012

Bavaria is crying: 

Iran conflict makes sausage expensive

The conflict with Iran has strange effects ... not only in Bavaria!

Due to the Iran conflict sausages are much more expensive. This is perhaps the most curious side effect of the tensions between the West and the mullah republic.
The original recipe for Original Bratwurst - the Nuremberg - Know only 45 butchers in Germany. Only they could produce the trademarked National Bavarian sausage. But now threatens hardship. For what will be a real Nuremberg bratwurst wrapped themselves in a sheep's intestines. And guess who come, in large part from Iran. The deteriorating trade relations can therefore be used to gut the coveted short supply. Bad news a few months before the grilling season.
And who is curious now, what the figures: For 1000 original Nuremberg sausages will take you about 90 meters of sheep intestine (the so-called sheep casing). The cost in the summer of 2010 to around six euros. In late winter 2012, the butchers to lie down just over 17 €. But not only the sheep casings are more expensive due to the conflict with Iran.

Pepper is also more expensive due to the Iran conflict

The Middle East is the region where many of our sausages come from relevant spices. Another consequence of the political tensions following the Foot: The dramatic decline in living standards in Iran will ensure that these goods are in short supply.

Iran conflict makes the sausage significantly more expensive

Just in time for barbecue season. This is certainly the time purely random plan of the German butcher for the upcoming price increases. But questionable soy sausages origin is still far nobody has to change. The price increase will amount, according to sources in Bavaria, about 60 cents per pound - or about five percent.
However, it will not be bottlenecks: Because sheep casings come not only from Iran but also from New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, and - lo and behold - Afghanistan. This is also a quality issue, a representative of the German butcher. The softness of the intestine depends namely on the grass quality. A soft bowel can burst the sausage, too hard has more the consistency of chewing gum.
Sausage friends hope now, of course, that stand in the other suppliers. 60 percent have come from Iran. Grilled in about two months. The next race against the clock in the Iran conflict has officially opened.


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