Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Naked protest outside the Chinese Embassy

Protest in Vienna highway outside the Chinese Embassy

There's an all pulls together! In protest against killing of animals in China, attracted a handful of hardened activists, even at minus 10 degrees.

With its action against the Chinese embassy was the Association Against Animal Factories to point out that would be imported from the Middle Kingdom loads of furs to Austria. Monika Springer of the VGT "Countless dogs, cats and other animals are killed for fur in China - but not only that even the transport is animal cruelty."

VgT: 80% of the furs come from China

The VgT also reveals just why the Chinese Embassy for the action is selected: "While in Austria since 1998, no animal should be kept or killed for fur, and even other countries like Great Britain, Sweden and Switzerland enforce their fur farm ban with high sanctions , the fur industry continues to adhere to its anachronistic trade. Most animals are now getöten for embellishments such as tassels, collars or hoods on - products where the price does not reveal that it is animal fur. For what is cheap is probably good for the fur industry. Thus it is clear why China has become the main exporter - not only the conditions under which animals are lowest level, and the exploitation of cheap labor has become attractive for the fur industry. "


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