Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Topless Ukrainian Activists Protest at Gazprom

Five Ukrainian women activists have held a topless protest outside the Moscow headquarters of Gazprom, to denounce the policies of the Russian gas supplier.

There aren't many people who aren't aware of the existence of Russia's natural gas and oil giant, Gaprom. However, most people aren't aware of the history of the company, or about the fact that Gazprom is simply an arm of the Russian government, a very strong arm that is regularly pushing around the weaker countries who depend on this giant. Gazprom isn't simply Russia's largest energy company, it is a state controlled company that is regularly being used by the state to influence those that depend on her to bend to Russia's will.
It shouldn't be surprising that FEMEN, along with most intelligent people, are greatly opposed to Gazprom's tactics when dealing with its European dependents. Depending on corruption and bribery, Gazprom not only takes advantage of countries, but more importantly the businesses within those countries that try and compete. There are many other energy companies in Eastern Europe, Ukraine especially, that are constantly being put under the heel of Gazprom. With Gazprom's wealth and influence, it isn't difficult for it to squeeze out its competition, and it does so regularly. 
At least 5 FEMEN activists managed to break through Gazprom's security and mount a protest. In -25 degree C weather the ladies held up signs stating "Miller Muller", "Stop the gas blackmail", "Stop the Gazprom!" and "Gas Racket". The protest didn't last long, Gazprom security forces quickly put a stop to it. In the confusion, however, Oksana Shachko (pictured above) managed to scale one of the buildings holding a Ukrainian flag. The 4 activists that managed to get onto Gazprom's territory were expelled, however Oksana was arrested. 
The charges brought against Oksana involved the Ukrainian flag that she waved. She has been held somewhere in Moscow and all ties to her have been severed. She is to be brought up on charges soon, and some sentence will be carried out. I will do my best to alert you all once I hear from FEMEN. 



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