Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The survey said 33% of British couples will divorce blames Facebook

According to the website Divorce-Online UK Divorce latest survey shows that, Facebook accused the British are more and more, because 33% of British people in a divorce when the divorce as a reason or the Facebook evidence, and in 2009, when compared to only 20%.Divorce-Online, respectively, in December 2009 and December 2011, conducted two surveys, the number of objects the two surveys are 5,000 people.

Two compared to the findings, the evidence of several divorce Facebook as the most common cause has not changed. They usually spouses and heterosexual acts, including the use of Facebook comments they divorced each other's behavior, and the use of comment wall war. The main three reasons are as follows:
1, to the opposite sex is not appropriate to send a message;
2, the divorced spouse to each other and recrimination;
3, Facebook friends report the behavior of the other party.
In contrast, Twitter is only 0.4% of the divorce case to be mentioned. But this platform is also used as a divorce the two sides to attack each other's communication tools.
Divorce- Online spokesman said in a statement: "social network has become the most basic communication tools, mainly in the form of text messages and e-mail to reflect. If someone wants to seek extra-marital affairs or take liberties with the opposite sex, social networking is the easiest place. The use of Facebook friends complained to the former spouse has become very common, divorce, both parties will use to send Facebook Each other's complaints. But people should pay attention to post comments wall stickers, because parties to a divorce court in child support for property and right to influence decisions of these posts as a class of evidence. "
In fact, Facebook is now appearing in the UK the proportion of divorce cases is not important, important is that this ratio compared with two years ago, has been greatly improved.
In fact, Facebook is not an important factor in causing the divorce, tension between the two sides must not use the service. Moreover, Facebook lead to extramarital affairs are not a necessary step in the couple divorced.
Ultimately, Facebook is a social tool. For a single individual, the social network can help him special insight into many of the individual. Even for marriage, the social network also helps to maintain the couple's relationship. But just like other social media as tools for even the most innocent, the use of the wrong way will cause very bad consequences.
Even ordinary people can realize that Facebook will speed up the divorce process. Many things are derived from the destruction of marriage in social online extramarital affairs.
Experts suggest that users of social services, bearing in mind the use of mind and regular assessment of the intention of friends, Facebook may not be a dating site, but there are countless Internet users are using it with others.


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