Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Angry bird" Christmas downloaded 6.5 million times a record


Finnish game developer Rovio said that an explosion in the smart phone activation driven, Christmas Day, "angry bird" (Angry Birds) series of games downloaded to a record 6.5 million.

Insiders pointed out that 6.5 million of the "angry bird" downloads almost Christmas day with an estimated amount of very smart phone activation.
Rovio executives 威勒赫加里 (Ville Heijari) said in an interview, "We have so many holiday shopping season, the new users to download" angry bird "excited, we plan to release an exciting new year version, hoping to release to the public. "

Christmas Day was downloaded 6.5 million times, including "angry bird" series 3 games - "angry bird", "angry bird season version of" (Angry Birds Seasons) and the "angry bird of years About Adventure "(Angry Birds Rio), both of which have paid to download for free download. Christmas Day 2010, "angry bird" in the iOS and downloads on the Android platform is 200 million times.

Flurry mobile application market research firm estimates that last year the last week, the mobile application downloaded more than 10 million times.


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