Wednesday, February 1, 2012

McLaren unveils new MP4-27 - Button: 

"A nice car"

McLaren unveiled the new Red Bull chaser.


Red Bull challenger McLaren-Mercedes has presented on Wednesday as the top team its first new Formula 1 car for the World Cup 2012th

Vice world champion Jenson Button and his team mate Lewis Hamilton unveiled clock at exactly 12.02 (CET) the silvery MP4-27 in the stage of the company headquarters Woking. Striking feature of the new McLaren is especially the elegantly curved nose.

"It's a fantastic car," said Hamilton. "I'm looking forward to ride next week in Jerez. We need to come out of the box and be strong, "Button said of facing the test launch on 7 February in Jerez de la Frontera and the World Cup opener on 18 March in Melbourne.

"Beauty contest" for new McLaren

For the two British former world champion has her new company car, at least have the beauty prize safely. "As you can see: This is a nice car. Some others will not be there, "Button said with a grin. His team boss Martin Whitmarsh made it clear. "A car is beautiful when it wins."
And this is exactly what McLaren after the traditional British racing has been duped in the past two years of double world champion Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull team. Accordingly, the belligerent, the English racing season takes into attack. "There may be a surprise for anyone here: Of course we want to win both world championships," said Whitmarsh plain text.

Ferrari will follow on Friday

His team first ventured out of hiding. Ferrari will unveil its new car on Friday. And from Maranello was heard already that the "Red Goddess" probably is not a beauty this time. look different than elegant. Which has for "cosmetic" solution chosen Red Bull is still unknown. On Monday, the secret is revealed.
Necessary, the new "nose surgeries" by a rule change whereby the top of the car must be lower, the chassis height remains unchanged. So shall be void in collisions that drivers can be taken in the cockpit of the nose of another car. Added to this was the designer for that year from the so-called "blown diffuser", was conducted in which air from the exhaust to the diffuser for improved aerodynamics, is prohibited.


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