Saturday, April 14, 2012


"Safe Sex for Seniors" Campaign Raising Eyebrows

The message, created by the group, points out that in Florida alone, sexually transmitted diseases in seniors have risen 71 percent.

"Well, I guess these things are going on, and probably to a larger degree than most younger people would realize," Whitley said.

However, many people say that they think the shock value diminishes the message.

"I think it looks like they're making fun of seniors, more than they're educating them," said Akila Gibbs, the executive director of the Pasadena Senior Center.

Gibbs said the Pasadena Senior Center recently taught a class on safe sex, after learning more and more seniors are even contracting

"A lot of seniors feel like they are having sex with people who have come out of a committed relationship or perhaps someone who's lost a spouse, and so they feel like this person hasn't been sleeping around a lot," Gibbs explained.

"I think everything addresses kids and younger adults, but ya, we kind of skip the senior generation," Pasadena resident Deborah Whitely said.

While the younger generation is more likely to watch the "Safe Sex for Seniors" video, they don't necessarily want to talk about it.

"I don't want to have that conversation with my grandparents," Ryan Thomas, of Pasadena, said. "That would be weird."

"I know they've had to deal with that back when they were younger, so now it's an actual issue and they should be informed," another Pasadena youth, Kristina Gadbury, said.


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