Friday, April 20, 2012

Sex Tourism 2050: 

Robots replace prostitutes 

Sexroboter: The future vision is to save 
 Amsterdam's red-light image 


Available in red light districts of the future is no longer a prostitute: robots take over the services to which sex tourists are hot.
The claims of Management Professor Ian Yeoman and sexologist Michelle Mars by the New Zealand Victoria University in the journal "futures". Up to 10,000 € in the future of our business would be worth machine sex. Other sex-experts are skeptical.

Sexbots provide full service

The two experts outline the imaginary sex club "Yub-Yum" in Amsterdam during the year 2050. Scantily clad "Sexbots" androids of all skin colors and body shapes give the customer a complete service, ranging from massage, lap dance, to sexual intercourse. "Amsterdam's tourism is based on sex and drugs. Given the concern of the city, a banishment of prostitutes could be detrimental to the image, type clubs offer 'Yub-Yum' is the solution, "the researchers said.
Are built from a Sexroboter virus and bacteria-resistant fiber that carriers of venereal disease rendered harmless. "Robotersex is safer sex, free from the restrictions, precautions and uncertainties of its real counterparts," write Yeoman and Mars. Doubts about the success of the concept of the report Sexologist Gerti Senger. "What sex tourists go to Amsterdam, if they have the same offer at home?" Press text so the Viennese expert over.

"Sex is more than technology"

The vision of a Sexroboters Senger described in the technological age as "obvious" and was also the first steps as in the simplest form of vibrators so long. Yet even the most sophisticated machine will never be a replacement full of people. "With an android can be reached at best a selective, mechanical satisfaction, but never a work of art, which also includes skin contact and comfort of a lively touch. Sexuality is more than just technology. "
Senger differentiated sees the announcement of the New Zealand colleagues, "Sexbots" customers would free themselves from any guilt feelings about their partners, since no sex with a real person comes. "A free and prostitutes enter into a fragmented relationship, although it is based on touch sensation. Although you can be sure to be replaced with a robot, no feelings. The fascination of the apparatus, however, suggests a structure of personality, which is not necessarily conducive to the daily coexistence. "





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