Tuesday, April 17, 2012




Fuckings name signs to be stolen again

The Upper Austrian town of Fucking is not to rest: The name of the relevant importance of English has already led to the frequent theft of road signs and also to the fact that were photographed "jokers" in unique poses in front. A name change but am not currently under discussion, said Mayor Franz Meindl.
"The discussion we had a couple of years," said the head of a community response to a report by the ORF Upper Austria. "If people want that, then we can talk about it in the community," but he was doing anything against the will of the people and would not divide fucking. So he did ask the residents of the district - was a clear result it is not. Those who would live close to the sign are, for a change of notation. Other Fuckinger assessed the potential financial burden is not justified.
The recent debate, the mayor could only be explained by the fact that a property owner himself was working. Because the plaque was stolen from her home number, they had a new one with the name "Fugging" customize and install. "The postman knows his stuff," said Meindl succinctly. Puzzled him that even a Spanish newspaper why he made contact with.


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