Sunday, April 22, 2012

Attention all - #OpBahrain : Press Release from #Anonymous with #Formula1 data dump - 04/22/2012


Anonymous has been monitoring the human rights situation in Bahrain and the popular democratic uprising for over a year now, only to see the oppression of its people grow worse. When governments murder peaceful protesters on an ongoing basis, their illegitimacy becomes clear to all who can see. The government of Bahrain has been warned. We will not stop our support of the Bahraini people or our war against your tyranny until the people of Bahrain have true freedom and peace. This regime - which maintains its power by force and justifies it by birthright - has responded to the protests with a violent crackdown calculated to intimidate those within the country and a sophisticated public relations strategy calculated to deceive those outside of it. The crackdown has left scores dead and thousands in prison; the PR campaign is intended to ensure that such protesters are not only injured and imprisoned, but also libeled and forgotten. The violence is handled in the usual way; the lies come courtesy of an American PR firm called Qorvis. For too long, we have watched this tyrannical government  tear gas its own people literally to death, with over 30 fatalities reported so far. We have watched as thousands of innocent protesters and activists have been jailed. We have watched as human rights advocate Abdulhadi Alkhawaja commits himself to death via a prison hunger strike that as of 22/4/2012 is 74 days in length, simply in the hope that some men somewhere will notice what is being done to other men here. We have witnessed doctors and nurses imprisoned merely for treating those wounded protesters who find themselves brutalized by security forces. And we have become outraged by the ignorance and outright lies of mainstream media regarding what is truly happening in Bahrain - lies concocted in large part by Qorvis, which is more than happy to defend such crimes and even to libel those of Bahrain’s activists who try bring them to the world’s attention at risk to their own lives.
Now, a grand spectacle has come to Bahrain - the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix has begun and we have decided to add to that spectacle.
As in the past, we have DDOSed websites of the Bahrain government. And as the media has already reported, we have DDOSed or defaced a number of sites associated with F1, which has gone ahead with its event in a country that has been the subject of a brutal government for over a year. On top of it all, we have decided to contribute some additional excitement to the day by hacking F1’s servers and taking the personal information of those attending the race, among other things.
As of 22/4/2012 Abdulhadi Alkhawaja has entered Day 74 of his hunger strike in protest of the human rights abuses of the government of Bahrain, mistreatment and torture of prisoners and to call for the release of all political prisoners. This marks the longest anyone has been recorded on hunger strike and doctors expect him to die at any moment. We call on the government of Bahrain to immediately grant him freedom and to do the humanitarian thing in sparing his life. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja is a human rights worker who has committed no crime and has been unjustly granted life in prison by a military court for his activism. When Alkhawaja was arrested he was beaten unconscious, had his jaw broken and was tortured. Nobody deserves this mistreatment and it is a tragedy that the Al Khalifa regime is still treating his life with such disdain. Should anything bad happen to Alkhawaja or his family Anonymous will respond with fury and rage the likes of which have never been seen.
How dare the government of Bahrain hide behind an international sporting event as an attempt to conceal the oppression it is committing against its own people. How dare King Al Khalifa claim that the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who march in the streets for freedom, democracy and non-sectarianism are “just a few troublemakers.” How dare they waste the people’s money to hire public relations firms to lie on their behalf about the crimes they’re committing. How dare the Formula1 organization allow the royal family to profit millions of dollars off of holding an event there, money which in turn is being used to purchase tear gas and live ammunition which has been used against civilians while Formula1 is being held. How dare Bernie Ecclestone and the Formula1 organization condone such horrific violations of human rights in the name of profit. As a response for your callus disregard for human life we, Anonymous, are taking the liberty of educating you, your fans, and the world about the crisis in Bahrain and giving you a cyber taste of your own medicine.
We will take down your websites, turn them into worthless entities on the World Wide Web and leave nothing but a smoking crater in cyberspace. Your phone lines, your e-mails, your fax machines and anything else we can get our hands on will be considered fair game. Good luck generating ad revenues with your servers down! You do not deserve to profit a single penny off the misery you have contributed to
To the fans of F1: You have every right to watch and enjoy your sport, but you have the responsibility to consider the ramifications of your support of this event. Please do the right thing and join the people of Bahrain in solidarity by boycotting this event. Do not watch it on television, do not visit F1 websites. Show that you do not condone racing on the blood of the innocent. Turn your eyes away from this abominable race for this one weekend to send a clear message that the fans of F1 value the rights of people more than the sick negligence of humanity.
To the drivers and teams in this race: There is nothing to stop you from taking your spot on the track. But you have another option as well. Join former F1 champions in condemning this atrocity and stand up against tyranny. You will be recorded by history as having either done the right thing, or as having participated in a spectacle calculated to distract from the dictatorship. The choice is yours. Please make the right one.
To the media and press: While it’s nice that you’re reporting on our work please remember that the focus should be on the people of Bahrain. They are the ones being tear gassed. They are the ones staring down the barrels of live shotguns. They are the ones whose human rights are being denied. They are the ones who cannot seek medical care for fear of retribution by their government. This is their struggle. Please focus your attention on them and let the world know the truth about their plight.
To the people of the world: Join us. Help in the fight for justice in Bahrain. Join Anonymous in sending faxes, writing letters, and calling on your governments to encourage the government of Bahrain to cease its assault on the human rights of its people.
To the people of Bahrain, rest assured that the people of the world support your struggle. Remain peaceful. Remain vigilant. Remain strong. Your strength, courage and determination are an inspiration to people across the globe. Your fight is difficult but the taste of true self-determination will be worth your struggle.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous Operation Bahrain data dump of F1 spectators and ticket sales:

We told you to expect us!


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