Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Using Empty Beer Bottles to Smuggle iPhone
It’s no secret that a nice cold beer is something that many people look forward to after a long day of work. But did you ever think you could make use of those empty beer bottles to smuggle some iPhone to China ? Previously we have cellphones hiding inside gas cylinders, now the smuggler is using empty beer bottles. IQ test for you, how are you going to put 3 iPhones into a 750ml beer bottle ? Watch the video after the break and you will be surprise.

An old lady was transporting a number of unwanted beer bottles from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, by crossing the Sha Tau Kok border. Usually, those empty beer bottles can be collected for recycling and earn you a few pennies. The officers from the Chinese custom were feeling suspicious while checking the empty bottles, because some of the bottles weight a little bit heavier. And they had found some taping in the middle part of the bottle, while a thin line-gap can be seen. Surprisingly the beer bottle was professionally cut into half and loaded with 3 iPhones. The officers carefully separated all the jointed-bottles and a total of 216 set iPhone 4/4s had been seized.
Looks like smuggling cell phones to China is getting more challenging than ever. How are you going to cut a beer bottle which made of glass into half without cracking it ? And the cut must be so damn good which allow you to joint it back perfectly by using transparent tape. What sort of insane skill does the smuggles have ? 


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