Saturday, April 28, 2012

Austrian teenagers are world champions in binge drinking


Shocking news for Austria: According to a study by the British science journal "The Lancet" are young people in Austria, the uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages on a worldwide number one.

Only Irish and American adolescents (10-24 years) move accordingly on par with local teenagers in the area of ​​hazardous alcohol consumption - in other words: On average, more than five alcoholic drinks per day consumed. As for the smoking of marijuana, for the Austrians are little more reserved. Here are the leaders in the U.S., Spain and France.

The study also showed that typical diseases of affluence such as obesity and drug abuse among children and adolescents become increasingly prevalent in poorer countries. The rich industrialized nations are faced with a long non-communicable diseases such as the effects of alcohol and cigarette consumption as a result of lack of exercise, says the study. Since then the phenomenon to grab more and more about countries with low and middle-income countries.

Adolescents are particularly at risk

Improper diet with too much fat, sugar and salt, the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs endangers the health of more and more young people, the researchers warned. Not least is responsible for the marketing strategy of the food and tobacco industry, which increasingly aimed at teenagers.
In view of the scientists had children and young people between ten and 24 years - a group of world 1.8 billion people. This population group is exposed to numerous risks - such as fatal road accidents, suicide, unwanted pregnancies or infections as a result of the AIDS disease.
Among the poorer countries of the South African study found that the most affected. The mortality rate was there in male children and adolescents eight times higher than in rich countries, in girls and young women as much as 30 times higher. Among the 27 richest countries in the world, the USA has the highest mortality rate in the population in question. This lead the researchers mainly due to the high number of violent crimes and traffic accidents. In second and third place New Zealand and Portugal.


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