Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Order a pizza by pressing a button? Dubai is already possible.


Beat hunger, and now? You go to the kitchen, opens the fridge and nothing. Suddenly, you look at that refrigerator magnet - in fact, an emergency button for hunger - and tightens. This summer, when your hunger is ravishing, but your fridge is empty, there is one device that can change your destiny. Some people call it a 'pizza emergency button for your belly'. Others say it's the 'best thing since sliced bread'. We call it 'The VIP Fridge Magnet'. And Very Important Pizza lovers like these deserve very special treatment.

Basically, when the user presses the emergency button, the application pre-set fires in the pizzeria. The customer then receives an SMS confirming that the request was received (and giving the option to cancel if it has been done by mistake). For the service to work, however, you need a phone with bluetooth connection.


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