Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A brew for your beagle? 
Woman creates 'Bowser Beer'
You've seen the commercials where the dog gets his owner a beer? Well, thanks to a Des Moines business woman, your dog could soon be grabbing that brew for himself!
Doesn't a tall, cool one sound good right about now? The malt, the barley, that hoppy goodness.... I have to admit, I love a good beer. And so does my dog. I mean she is a German Sheppard, it’s practically in her blood!
The again, wouldn’t you like to share a brew with your beagle or a lager with your lab?
But, I also know I shouldn't give her human what's a responsible dog owner to do?
Jenny Brown of Des Moines has the answer: Bowser Beer. Brown’s company 3 Busy Dogs makes non-alcoholic beer especially for canines.
“We start with water and barley and add either beef or chicken and we make the broth from scratch and its all US based,” Brown said.
Brown explained that the idea hatched when she had started making pooch friendly pretzels.
“I entered a dog expo and I thought, ‘What goes better with pretzels than beer?’” Brown said.
Now, Brown’s brew can be found across the country and even in England at Harrods!
“We are the hottest item in their pet department and it just flies off the shelves!”
And the names are fun too. There’s “I Don’t Give A Shih-Tzu Brew” and “I Only Have Eyes for Brew.”


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