Thursday, June 21, 2012

Climbed the highest mountain in Africa with no legs

Spencer West has conquered the 
5895 meter high Mount Kilimanjaro.

Dodoma. - In the hands of the Americans Spencer West defeated the  5895 meter high Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. The background to this extraordinary action: West raises money for the charity project "Free Your Children".

It is not unusual these days, if you conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. But Spencer West is probably the first to have this done with no legs. With his two best friends, he fought under the slogan "Redefine Possible"within seven days of the 5895 meter high mountain. 80 percent of the rise, he played on his hands, only in very rough terrain or heavy, steep places he had himself carried. An incredible performance. In the BBC Interview He says: "Towards the end of the breathing became more difficult. My hands were numb, my aching shoulders and elbows. "

$ 500,000 for aid projects

At the age of five years, the Americans lost his legs. The medical cause is a genetic defect. But that has not stopped Spencer, West Africa's highest mountain to climb. With this incredible action Spencer West has raised money for charities. Total of $ 500,000 for the action he could "Free The Children"

Spencer West has made it


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