Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PETA launches XXX website


If photos of bloody farm animals don’t convince you to listen to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), perhaps a promise of hardcore pornography will.
That seems to be the philosophy behind, the nonprofit’s most explicitly shameless marketing attempt yet.
Launched Wednesday, the front page of this naughty new site features porn stars Sasha Gray (nude) and Jenna Jameson (in lingerie) as well as porn legend Ron Jeremy (in a PETA T-shirt). In a video on the front page, Jeremy hammers down the site’s raison d'etre as if it weren’t already obvious: Sex sells.

"[T]his is the perfect example of sex just being used to draw interest, and then once you're there on the site, we're going to hit you with facts that you need to know about the world of animals.”
—Ron Jeremy

We doubt it’ll take a video explanation for the average viewer to figure out the carrot-and-stick method the site employs. The pages promised in the menu—“Sexy Photos,” “Hardcore Videos,” and “Sex Tips”—actual lead to protest photos, videos of abused animals, and a list of healthy foods to eat for better sex. is a striptease, not real pornography.
Even if there’s no porn to be found, the site certainly deserves its .xxx suffix. Those animal abuse videos are definitely not for minors.
This grab for attention is par for the course for PETA. Back in November, the organization went after video game Super Mario Bros. because of Mario’s tendency to sometimes wear a “fur” Tanooki suit.


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