Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Japan Lingerie Designer Unveils "Super COOL Bra"

Japan unveils a bra to keep women cool. One lingerie maker on Wednesday said they hoped to raise awareness of Japan's energy crisis with the release of a summer bra that should make it unnecessary to wear anything else.

The Japan branch of the international lingerie maker Triumph unveiled what it called the "Super COOL Bra" made of refrigerated cooling gel pads and a plethora of summer necessities - such as portable fans and cool mints.

The bra can also be worn with a skirt made of a mosquito net or bamboo shades.

Both versions are adorned with a small hanging wind chime that in Japan is believed to sound refreshing.

There is even a little bamboo ladle added for good measure, in case you want to splash some water on yourself to cool down.

The bra, which Triumph says relies on all five human senses to cool you down, is not for sale but a concept bra made solely to raise awareness of the energy issues.

The Triumph models wearing the outfit said despite the looks, it's also very comfortable.

This year however the meteorological agency is also predicting at the very least, a hot summer, perfect for the "Super COOL Bra".


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