Thursday, June 21, 2012

Naked in Munich:

2,500 volunteers

to undress
Several hundred people are divested as part of an installation the photographer Spencer Tunick at the Düsseldorf Court of Honor. 
In Munich, the first coming of color.

Naked in Munich: At the opening of the Munich Opera Festival in 2500 people have registered to unclothe to pose for a photo shoot for U.S. artist Spencer Tunick.

Participants will be painted in front of a downtown setting with body paint. In gold and red leaves that Tunick nude performer motives from Richard Wagner's "Ring des Nibelungen" form. The Royal Hall of the National Theater is about a mountain of golden bodies symbolize the accumulated wealth. "Soon the King Hall of the Hall Tunick," the photographer said on Thursday in Munich. "The Ring" is Tunick's first large-scale operation in Germany.

Early Saturday morning there will be various installations in the center of Munich: Before the National Theater, the Odeon Square and at the Ludwig Street. The villages are cut off of 3.00 clock in the police, 80 volunteers support the ten-member team of Spencer Tunick.

Tunick nude photographs known for socially critical

Some shots of Munich's video and photo shoots will be on display during the festival at the Opera House. Germany plans the next Spencer Tunick installation in Berlin. It is known to New Yorkers for his socially critical nude photos - thousands of people in real life, he has photographed, among other things on a glacier or in the Dead Sea. Before the European Football Championships in Austria Tunick had a Installation in the Ernst Happel Stadium settled.


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