Friday, June 8, 2012

Some poor man got George Zimmerman’s old phone number


When Junior Alexander Guy (whose name looks backwards) activated his new cell phone in Orlando last month, he had no idea that he was inheriting George Zimmerman’s old number, which was released to the public back in March.
He did, however, become aware immediately after activation when calls started rolling in from angry strangers yelling “you murderer!” and “you deserve to die!”
After nine days and 70 calls of abuse, Mr. Guy took his story to a lawyer and demanded T-Mobile compensate him for the trouble. T-Mobile said no thanks, but compensated Mr. Guy for the 10 days and gave him a new number, retiring Zimmerman’s old one.
Between this and what happened to the folks at a different George Zimmerman’s address when Spike Lee tweeted it, it seems that Zimmerman is still indirectly ruining lives. At least Mr. Guy gets to keep his cool name.


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