Friday, June 1, 2012

No Ice Cream For You! Keep Others’ Hands Off with 

Ben & Jerry’s 



If you haven’t had it happen to you yet, statistically speaking, at some point in your life you will fall victim to someone eating your ice cream. Your. Ice. Cream! Avoid such a tragedy with Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock, a combination lock that fits on to pint cartons of ice cream, available for under $7 (US). Basically, it’s a two-part plastic security ring that slips around the upper lid.
Tired of living in fear of your ice-cream getting pilfered? Sick of hiding your tub in the back of the freezer? The lock was “designed to promote family harmony – and salvage your peace of mind!” Of course then all you have to contend with is the insane, hell-bent relative or roommate who will just cut through the cardboard components of the ice cream carton, but if that’s happening, you may want to consider more than just this lock to work out your domestic issues…


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