Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FEMEN Protest the Euro 2012 Sex Bomb 
as it Approaches

In classic FEMEN mocking fashion, FEMEN took to the streets to protest the impending Euro 2012 Sex Bomb that is quickly approaching. Standing before Kiev's most popular metro entrance on the Kreschatik, FEMEN's biggest fan, Alexandra Nemchinova, stripped to her underwear and took on an incredibly sexy pose to encourage those coming to partake in Ukraine's sex trade to chose her first.  While it is difficult to miss the humor in this protest, it is important to understand that protesting the sex trade is FEMEN's core practice.
Since FEMEN's inception, they have been chanting Ukraine is Not a Brothel, and with the Euro 2012 just a month away, there is little doubt that Ukraine's prostitutes will be in high demand. This is upsetting for a number of reasons, not least of which is the persona that Ukraine's women are nothing but prostitutes. FEMEN has done a great deal to change this perception, and plan to continue their struggle until this persona is lifted. One area where FEMEN have been partially successful is the acknowledgement of a bill that would criminalize the hiring of a prostitute in Ukraine. If adopted, it is thought that many foreigners will be scared to come to Ukraine in search of prostitutes for fear of being jailed. Unfortunately, this bill has been passed around their senate for 3 years now with no decision in sight. 
This particular protest managed to take on at least one casualty. One of FEMEN's activists, Diane Senichev, was savagely beaten by a man as he tried to enter the metro. The man was quickly identified by other people at the metro, then subsequently arrested. While he faces assault charges for beating Diane and causing a concussion, Diane was quickly taken to the local hospital to be treated. Pictures of the assault, and the assaulter, are at the tail end of this article.
Below you will find a video of the event by FEMEN's videographer Kitty Green, as well as a plethora of images taken from FEMEN's blog. 


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