Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prostitution in Vienna Leopold city is limited in time

The times at which prostitution is legal in Leopold
stadt be restricted in future

Before the summer is a regulation come into force, the advancing of prostitution in Leopoldstadt a stop - at least in time. In order to respond to the ongoing complaints of residents who feel harassed by the street line.

This will please many residents of Vienna-Leopold city: In the second district of Vienna street prostitution should not be allowed to continue around the clock. "A time limit is still in development and will be enacted before the summer," a police spokesman announced on Thursday.

Pedestrians should be referred to by prostitutes

This measure is intended to defuse the situation in the Prater, as the protests against the dash located there will always be louder. The Fair Street, where the sex workers are especially is, that even the walk from the subway to the Prater.
"It's a big problem that is direct access from the subway to the amusement and the ladies are not afraid to men who accompanies the children to speak," explained the Leopoldstädter District Gerhard Kubik (S) situation. A time limit was necessary so that those who want to go to the Prater, can do so in peace.

No street prostitution in Leopoldstadt 6-22 Clock

The district council therefore decided to submit an application in which the city councilor responsible for women's Sandra Berger (S) was asked to instruct the responsible authorities, a time limit on those areas in the city enacted to Leopold, where prostitution is allowed. Specifically, the industry there between 6.00 and 22.00 clock to ban calls for the district. Whether the ban is now actually in the period is still open: "This is still not fixed," the police spokesman. He stressed that the scheme is being drawn up in collaboration with the district.
Kubik is satisfied - at least as far as the demand for a time limit ". On the other, we will still discuss it further," He pointed out that in other districts as yet no permit zones where prostitution could be practiced legally. Therefore, it came in the allowed zones in Leopoldstadt to an overload, he complained. Currently, the ladies standing next to the street fair in the perspective and the Südportalstraße. His claim: "There must have job opportunities in other parts of Vienna."

Since November ban in residential areas

The law prohibits prostitution since November 2011, the exercise of the "horizontal trade" in residential areas. Thus, the legal street prostitution from the street Felber, the Linzer Straße and the outer Mariahilferstraße was banished. At that time parts of the Prater and the Auhofs been recommended as the places where women can legally ply their trade because they are not zoned for residential. The Recommendation for the Auhof was later taken back again for safety reasons.
The plan was initially well, three exceptions in residential zones, so-called permission to set up - on Sechshauser belt, the belt construction and on-Josef-Platz Holaubek near the University of Economics. According to police procedures in this respect are ongoing ". There are still political discussions - with the respective districts, with the city, NGOs, etc. This is an opinion-forming process that is ongoing," The districts of the three sites have already been rejected.

Other zones do not permit planned

Other areas are not currently permit being considered, the police spokesman. "No, because we have nothing concrete in and of itself" would be sufficient, the current space - it just needs the appropriate boundary conditions, he referred to the Prater. Meanwhile cubic hopes to further permission zones: "It will be possible, that each district has announced 50 meters of a road, where it is allowed. Then we have 1,000 yards in Vienna and it is so divided that it is also of the burden ago bearable for everyone, above all for the residents. "If, after the relevant conversations that are to be held in the autumn," only the second district "stay left, then had a ban on street prostitution in the city of Leopold" even our idea, "he threatened.
". Will ban zones there will be no": This clarified a spokeswoman for Councillor Mrs. Berger emphasized, however, that the prostitution law was designed so that they could respond to conditions and take appropriate measures - as in the case of Leopold city with time constraints. Currently in the Prater during the day would offer 13-15 women their services. In Auhof few ladies and stood not on a regular basis. "The rest may actually have moved to the inside," the spokeswoman said about the current situation of prostitution in Vienna's Leopold city


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