Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boink: App is compatible sex partners 


Boink, An app for the iPhone and - with restrictions - Android, is designed with a profile of their sexual preferences to create.

Favorite positions, fetishes and sexual aversions can be entered. If you hit another Boink-user, the app is calculated by combining the mobile phones, the degree of sexual conformity. The aim is that users can determine in advance whether a potential partner can satisfy the carnal needs or wants. The program also keeps track of the lessons learned and makes journal entries.

Just for Sex

The app can be purchased for 99 cents on iTunes. The Android version is due to quirks are not officially distributed. "Such programs do - if anything - only for one-night stands sense. If it is merely mechanistic Sex is supposedly a convenient way to test compatibility. Even before the people have cell phones in certain scenes identified by signs their preferred sexual variations. For long-term relationships, such methods are useless, "says Psychologist Michael Thiel pressetext over.
The data entered by users are private, according to the manufacturer and are not passed on. Boink keeps track of the number of treasury operations. A user can see at a glance how many times he has "geboinkt" the last time. In addition, experience in the form of "stories" are written down and shared with other users on request. "For two people who are only out for sex, the procedure is in order. All others, I recommend the conservative approach, otherwise they deprive themselves of the spell of a new relationship, which has more to offer than just sex, "says Thiel.

Fear of rejection

People looking for a serious relationship, not the target audience of Boink. "The psychological defoliation lansame know and belong to a partnership. The sexual component must develop first. It does indeed look the charm of a relationship, "says the psychologist. The motivation for the user is the same as for other platforms relationship initiation: "The previous test is appropriate properties on the Internet by the desire to protect themselves from disappointment," said Thiel.
In order to be tolerated at all in the Apple ecosystem, Boink had to make three requests. The acceptance by the notoriously prudish Group Boink evaluate the manufacturer as an acknowledgment. "This shows that Apple understands that there is a market for applications for adults who are in no way pornographic corner," says co-founder of Boink Dave Swartz.


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