Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Naked woman seen in new Canadian $20 bill

Focus groups reported seeing a nude woman and New York’s Twin Towers in the design of Canada’s new $20 polymer bill to be introduced in November 2012. Bank of Canada photo. 

Focus groups say Canada's coming new plastic $20 bill has images of a naked woman and New York's World Trade Center towers, CTV News reported.
The bill was introduced by the Bank of Canada last week in Ottawa after weeks of scrutiny by focus groups conducted by the Strategic Counsel across the country, the report said.
Under freedom of information requests, the broadcaster said several people reported seeing at least one naked character in the bill.
"It's too pornographic," a participant in Toronto said. "What is the woman on the top holding?"
Another said, "The naked women are going to offend someone."
Another image shows the World War I Vimy Memorial in France that honors thousands of Canadians who fought and died in the battle that helped turn the tide of the war.
However, many of the focus group participants said they knew nothing about the battle and said it looked more modern.
"I wonder if the monument here could conjure up memories of 9/11 or the Twin Towers," one Toronto participant said.
Numerous others also reported seeing a similarity to the World Trade Center before it was destroyed in a terror attack Sept. 11, 2001.
There was no indication the bill's design would be altered before its November release.


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