Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Panasonic Shampoo Robot Testing in Tokyo Salon

Everybody knows the future is going to be filled with robots doing practically everything for us, including washing our hair. But that isn’t too far into the future now that Panasonic has created a shampoo robot that’s currently undergoing its first tests in Tokyo, Japan. Hair salon Super Hair Seo in the nearby city of Nishinomiya is playing host to the Head Care Robot.
It was first introduced back in 2012 and is a reclining chair and a mechanized washbasin. It works by first scanning your head to get an idea of its shape since it can accommodate any head shape and then it releases shampoo jets and gets to work on your scalp with its 24 robotic fingers (eight of which work the back of your neck while the rest work on your head). After it’s done shampooing, the robot applies conditioner (and another scalp massage) and finally blow-dries the hair. Panasonic says the special Head Care Robot provides a relaxing experience and plans to commercialize it soon after getting feedback from trials at Super Hair 


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