Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kim Dotcom releases diss track aimed at NZ politician John Banks
In an outlandish turn of events in the ever-evolving saga of cyberlocker MegaUpload, embattled site founder Kim Dotcom has released a hip-hop diss track targeted at New Zealand politician John Banks.
The ether sprayed: "That politician got amnesia again."
Banks, a longtime public figure in the country with two stints as mayor of the city of Auckland, was recently discovered to have accepted a $50,000 NZD donation in 2010 from the controversial file-sharing mogul Dotcom, who's currently under house arrest in his adopted hometown of Coatesville.
Recently probed about the donation—which was handed over in two installments so that Dotcom's involvement could remain anonymous—Banks has been quick to cast off knowledge of the source, putting himself in an unenviable position: New Zealand's Local Electoral Act requires political candidates to declare the sources of donations whenever possible. If it's discovered that Banks knew about Dotcom's donation and still declared it anonymous, he'd be forced to resign from his post in parliament.
Forever the rabble-rouser, Dotcom added his flame to the fire when he released "John Banks Song," a dicey island cut-up of Banks's press conferences ("Nothing to fear, nothing to hide," the clip repeats) and a biting verse from longtime collaborator Printz Board:
"Nothing to fear, nothing to hide. He's the majority, so he's alright. He is John Banks. He got the vote. And that's why Key [presumably, Kim Dotcom] keeps him afloat on his cabbage boat."

Uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, the video, which has also been referred to as "Amnesia," has already eclipsed over 80,000 views. Judging by the community's response, the diss track has helped further cast Dotcom as a champion of the people.
"KIM DOTCOM FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!" Eminem117Nas wrote in a top comment.
"Kim should help expose the tea pot tapes," virgogreg added. "I'm intrigued and keen to hear it."
"I think Kim Dotcom is a bit of a legend actually, illcrisp wrote. "He is unfairly facing injustice as the charges against him are comical!!! I hope he gets Citizenship."
Given that Dotcom was recently granted the right to travel to Auckland to finish his studio album, here’s hoping this is the first of many diss tracks for Dotcom. There’s surely enough controversy to go around.  


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