Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sega’s Urine-Controlled Game Console “ToiLETS” Out Now! Launch Title Videos Included!
Pull down your pants and get ready for game night: Sega’s urine-controlled game console “ToiLETS” is now available for purchase online!
The ToiLETS game console consists of a small LCD screen that attaches to the top of a urinal and a “stream sensor” placed on the inside. Games are controlled by urinating on the sensor, which detects the volume and speed of the player’s flow.
Trial versions of ToiLETS were installed at participating Yoro no Taki restaurants throughout the Kanto area late last year. On April 25, Sega began accepting general purchase orders through the Sega Logistics Service online retailer, e-site.
The console itself costs 140,000 yen (US $1750) and customers may choose one of three different LCD display types to match the build of their urinal unit. You’ll also need games and Sega currently offers a line up of 5 different titles (see below) at 10,000 yen ($125) each.
Business owners can also try and get a little of that money back by having their unit equipped with the optional coin box, which charges users 10 yen per play. This itself costs an additional 25,000 yen ($312), however, so it may be awhile before your ToiLETS can pay for itself.
Urinals are obviously sold separately, which makes ToiLETS slightly inaccessible for household use. Though, theoretically, you should be able to mount the LCD display and sensor on any flat surface, which means ToiLETS party night is still a viable possibility if you happen to have a wall in your house you don’t mind people peeing all over.
For business owners, installing ToiLETS in your bathroom could attract curious customers and the LCD screen can display custom advertisements to help generate extra revenue. The console might also improve restaurant sanitation by keeping customers’ streams from wandering.
Sega has generously posted gameplay videos of each launch title to YouTube, so be sure to check those out below!
Fill it up! Mannequin Piss:players are ranked by how much they were able to drain from their bladders, as measured by volume.

Shoot Milk From Your Nose – Gang Leader Battle!:players fight for the title of “Toilet Gang Leader” by out-peeing the person who used the urinal before you.


Superurinal Power Panel Quiz: players are presented with a piece of trivia and must use their stream to flip over panels and search for the correct answer hidden beneath them.

Hurricane Warning In Effect: players urinate continuously on the sensor to create a hurricane that blows the skirt up of a bashful weathergirl.


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