Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alleged ‘hot dog hooker’ claims she’s just a ‘hot dog stripper’


Long Island’s so-called “hot dog hooker,” who pleaded guilty to one count of prostitution, wants to make it clear that her plea was only a technicality and that she’d prefer the pseudonym “hot dog stripper.”
“I’m not pleading guilty to prostitution, I’m pleading guilty to being a stripper,” Catherine Scalia told reporters. “Prostitution is sex and I am Sister Theresa here.”
Police arrested Scalia last week, after she supposedly offered an undercover cop sex in exchange for money. As is often the case, the police and Scalia tell different tales.
According to PIX 11, the police say “an undercover cop bought two hot dogs for five bucks out of her privately owned camper-turned-food truck. That’s when he asked for the specials and Scalia offered a striptease later that night for one-hundred dollars at her East Rockaway home. The cop showed up and said Scalia wanted to perform sex acts for an additional fifty.”
However Scalia told FOX News:
“I gave my business card to an undercover officer. He called me up and said, ‘You want to come to my house?’ He came to mine,” she said. “I start doing my dance. The next thing you know, the cuffs were on me, I was charged with prostitution.”
Despite the scandal, Scalia says she’ll be back on the truck Wednesday, “selling my hot dogs in my bikini top at the Pep Boys.”
While it’s hard to pin down the exact nature of her business, it’s hard to deny that Scalia is a businesswoman with a knack for original branding and setting herself apart from competition. The adage that “no press is bad press” comes to mind here. We imagine she’ll recoup whatever losses she suffered from this arrest in no time.


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